Folks, my apologies for so much info in one email. Everyone is overwhelmed incl ourselves so the best way to deal with so many emails is to put some of the info together in one email.

3 areas we wish to share briefly

  1. The Truckie Border lockdown on 31 August, for at least a week.
  2. Remedies against the jab, restricted movement & other illegal & fraudulent lockdown measures, and now Gov is targeting the children, and
  3. The collapse of lockdown in numerous countries, implying a universal collapse of the scamdemic is imminent

From “1” above, we hope you might support the Truckies by attending the border areas with slogans, many of your friends, cameras & phones & food for the Truckies, so the message hits home that the population have had a gutful of this bulldust. Attached are some A4 size slogans that you can expand upon & alter as required, or make your own. Really, 100,000 people at the all the borders would send an extremely strong message. Perhaps some speakers could also attend & provide some facts & truths to reveal the scam. This is people power in action!

From “2” above:

Folks – just know the whole scamdemic is just that, the biggest scam on earth.

Here’s why:

a. You cannot be forced to do anything you don’t want to do. Rules of Equity prevails universally. No legislation on earth can diminish, trespass, impinge upon, override, destroy, obstruct or set aside the Rules of Equity. R of Equity is part of contract. This implies “informed consent”! No legislation on earth applies to a man or woman. here’s the deal. you’re presumed dead! So nullify that presumption & carry a sign, “I’m a wo/man, don’t throw legislation at me” or variants of this message.

b. Here in Australia, on 5 August was a landmark decision that invalidated the entire Covid lockdown process. The transcript of the proceedings is  attached. USE it! The Morrison Gov had to resort to a scam to introduce the W.O. lockdown into Australia, but he lacked authority because the Constitution and the Commonwealth of Australia precluded such action so  as to protect the people. So the Morrison Gov created a new entity, the National Cabinet so as to introduce the insidious N.W.O. plans through the  back door. To be a valid committee of the federal cabinet (see the attached  decision!) , the committee must be made up of Federal Ministers. However, the National Cabinet didn’t comply. It was made of ONE federal Minister, the PM, and 6 State premiers and 2 Territory Leaders. The slippery – slimy shifty PM didn’t expect to get caught! Thankyou Rex Patrick – Sth Austr Minister who took the Fed cabinet to the Administrative appeals tribunal. Thankyou a diligent Judge made a correct decision & didn’t manipulate the case to strike it out.

c. 1919 Constitutional issues – which won’t be elaborated upon here by reason a proceeding is afoot using this argument in a foreign jurisdiction. Suffice to say that David Fitzgibbon QC got one of his pleadings across the line in a UK SC Appeals court in 2006 where the Judge ruled there has been no     valid Governor General appointed in Australia since 1919. Didn’t see that one in the media did you? Implications? Who accepts the incoming Government after an election win? The GG!!! So there’s been no valid government since 1919!  The flippen scammers!!!!

Re: Kids being forcibly jabbed – State Gov directions for schools or agents of Gov to round up children to jab them, or have them jabbed at school without the consent of the parents & behind their back: Some remedies?

 a. The very best you can do is take them the hell out of the brainwashing institution called school! Gov can’t get them vaccinated behind your back if they’re not at school, can they? Home schooled kids are almost always  years ahead of there peers so why would you have them at a dumbing down murderous institution?

 b. Alternatively, if the kids cannot remain at home, then give the kids an exemption notice where you express your property, your offspring (words selected for a reason!) are not to be jabbed & you don’t consent nor give  permission for them to be jabbed. You can download such letters for free at  our website under the link “Freebies“. Gov’s are now seen to be ignoring many of these letters – claiming they have authority by reason you gave them authority when you permitted your offspring to attend school! Is that sick – demented reasoning or what?

What will get it over the line is that you teach your offspring (& grill the heck out them till they get it right) to say “thank you for your offer but I don’t accept it & I don’t consent to it, & if anyone touches me with a needle, I’ll take that as an assault against me & my folks will sue the offender’s pants off. Is my message clear? If you or  anyone force me, then sign this Notice of Liability first so you can be held liable for whatever harm, illness, sickness, disease or death the jab causes  me.”

Folks, the hardest nosed principal will run for his life when a student holds their position so steadfastly! The kids are our future supermen and women because they take to these processes at lightening speed & run rings around us old fogies. I’ve seen youngsters in action! “Dad, do you have evidence I can see to substantiate your claim”. Dad’s, learn to stop telling porkies cause  some kids are onto it!

From “3” above:

Over the previous week incl today, we received information that the following countries at least have either stopped the lockdown altogether or stopped the vaccination program:

Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Germany (see attached message – to be confirmed), with the following close to stopping the lockdown and capitulating:

France, Poland

Folks, just keep the pressure up & the lockdown will collapse here in Australia despite the heavy Fre…emas..on control.

There are multiple litigations going on. It cannot be maintained for long. As soon as the international pressure is applied, it will all collapse. Hang in there & keep proactive.

We’ll be at the local Council at 9am on 31st Aug doing our part. Then to the police Station, with copies of the AAT judgment of 5 Aug as well as posters

We wish you all every success in all your own efforts.


Download attachments:




Kindest Regards
Mark & team
Solutions Empowerment



At last a truckie who can speak without using profanities. 1 min Truckie2 12min

A combat veteran gives his city leaders a warning about what is to come.
He tells them he lost 6 of his veteran friends to suicide, that their families are starving, and the city government is complicit in what is happening. He saw the ugliness of war but he will do what it takes to save this nation. This man reflects the opinion of millions of Americans who are watching the nation go into chaos and economic destruction, with no end in sight – all over a fake pandemic that is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated over the people. A real, straight-talking, no-nonsense kind of guy! We need more people like him. And by the way if you go shopping and the people serving you wear masks, tell them to take them off. So far everyone I have done this to agrees and desperately wants to take them off. Then give them the tools to understand how they can get an ‘exemption’ for this phony virus situation without losing their job or being afraid of being arrested. They need our help. By not wearing a mask yourself you are subliminally giving them permission to also not wear one.


More of my protest videos

Two elderly men arrested

Police tackle a guy and cuff him.

Rider on white horse gallops over the border brazenly in front of police



Another Soccer Played Goes Down – They Are Hiding The Truth From The People
The third soccer player to collapse on the field after the jab. Not due to a soccer injury but out of nowhere. Two cricket players also recently collapsed on the pitch.

Meryl Dovey – Testimonies of Covid Vaccine deaths / injuries

60% of deaths are Covid vaccines on 30 year-old database 42% of reports and 60% of fatal reports to VAERS (started in 1990) are for Covid products since December: fatal vaccine reports to Yellow Cards are more than 20,000% up on the year

This is a brief investigation into the public data as it stands in mid August 2021. I would add that the point is not that this is the highest quality data but that it is the only data there is – we are being deliberately deprived of real data through negligence at best, as the FDA confessed to the New York Times early on. They had not got the machinery running – or more likely  they had it running and were just were not telling us about it. And so we get back  to VAERS which was diagnosed in 2010 as being so deficient it was picking up less than 1% of events (at which point US government agencies evidently realised that they were on to a good thing and decided not to streamline it). So here are two relative measurements.

42% of all reports to VAERS from 1990 to August 13, 2021 are for Covid vaccines (595,662/1,409,664)

60% of all reports to VAERS “where patient died” from 1990 to August 13, 2021 are for Covid vaccines (13,068/21,936)

I am not saying that we should just multiply these figures simplistically by 100 but they are indicative that there is something drastically amiss.

Meanwhile, we have a different collection of data from the United Kingdom to August 11. Here we should bear in mind that the population of the UK is one fifth of the US and the licensing body, the MHRA, generally reckons that reports represent about 10% of cases.
To date there have been 347,032 Yellow Cards, 1,151,768 Adverse Events, 1,596 Fatal

This breaks down as follows:
Pfizer 36.6m doses 104,446 (1 Yellow Card in 350) 293,779 Adverse Events (2.8 per card) 501 Fatalities (1 in 73,054)
Astra Zeneca 48.6m doses 228,239 Yellow Cards  (1 in 213) 813,622 Adverse Events (3.6 per card) 1,053 Fatalities (1 in 46,154)
Moderna 2m doses 13,325 Yellow Cards (1 in 150) 41,274 Adverse Events (3 per card) 14 Fatalities (1 in 142,857)
Brand unspecified 1,022  Yellow Cards 3,093 Adverse Events 28 Fatalities

The fact that three brands have such distinct adverse event profiles argues strongly against this being background noise, however there are overwhelming reasons why most reports would never get made: people will not report because they don’t know to, because they don’t know how to, because the ethos is overwhelmingly hostile and they think it is the wrong thing to do or they are scared, or because they are too sick or even dead. By comparison the average number of vaccine reports for the previous ten years was 3,039 with 8 fatalities: 200 times the fatalities and we are not a year in: off the scale and the world is run by madmen.


[23/8, 10:49 am] Paul Murwillumbah:

Attention Family and Friends!

Our friend’s nephew is in a few groups on Facebook and gave us this following information.

If you feel inclined to, please pass it onto like minded



On the 31st of this month (Tuesday) the truckies of

Australia and New Zealand are coming together and





[23/8, 10:50 am] Paul Murwillumbah: Have you seen this.


Hello Australia,

Please start passing this around to your contacts and get them to pass it on. There is a Silent Protest on Tuesday 31st August 2021.

Tell your friends a proper protest must be done on a

weekday and not on a weekend. Also this is a silent and strategic protest. There will be No screaming, No signs and No speeches. We ALL MUST stand together. Do not be scared of a fine because if we don’t stand up, what will come after will be much worse than a fine. We will lose everything. Our freedom will go.


A protest was done like this in 1932 and 1975 and we

WON! And we CAN do it again and we WILL WIN AGAIN IN 2021.

It starts at 9am sharp and by 12pm our request is for Parliament members to STEP DOWN! “This is to force a dissolution of parliament and call new elections”.


Also the other request we want is for them to hand over the documents unredacted that Senator Bill Heffernan spoke about in parliament. He has all the names and evidence of our politicians, judges and prime ministers that were guilty of pedophilia.


In addition, this is a peaceful protest. This means we stand in silence. You are asked to bring a scarf and a

whistle with you. The reason is if a policeman was to pull you out of a crowd, the crowd will immediately circle the police and you by creating a ring around him and use your scarfs tying them together and the crowd will chant, “RELEASE HIM, RELEASE HIM”, over and over until he does. AND HE WILL BE released by the police. Because with thousands standing their coordinated and in sync the police will listen to you. Then one person within that group will drop one end of the scarf and create a pathway for the police to leave and exit the ring and only by the exit

you have offered him. For him to do this you will need to all chant, “LEAVE, LEAVE”, until he does. When they start to call for back-up, that is when whistles are used as they cannot hear.

The Statistics are in our favour. At every protest site there will be thousands of us and only 126 police officers at each site if we are to cover them all.

You need to be at one of these location:

There are 128 Local Councils

1 x State Parliament

1 x State Governor (Margaret Beazley: and she has the power to eliminate parliament)

Police are: 21 ,455

130 locations

126 per location (average) Verse 62,815 people in NSW at each location.

There isn’t enough police!


Good PART! They ALL KNOW WE ARE COMING. A letter was sent to all parliamentary representatives, Senates and the Governor General advising them that we will ALL STAND TOGETHER ON 31st AUGUST 2021. They ARE scared. THEY WILL STEP DOWN….but we need you ALL THERE.

In the case of communications going down, no telephone and no TV etc. Do not let that stop you. We Stand no matter what!



IMOParty has some exciting news to share! With Rod Culleton’s Great Australian Party and Australian Federation Party


Independent Parties unite under a Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Cooperative (CADCO) to walk together as Australians for the restoration of the Commonwealth.

26th August 2021


On 5th August 2021, Independent parties agreed and executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to return Australia to a democratic society by forming the Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Cooperative (CADCO). CADCO is a proactive initiative undertaken by passionate people to take back Australia under law and our

Constitutional Guarantees as a matter of ‘right’.


According to Rod Culleton, Leader of the Great Australia Party, “this is a critical step required for the restoration of the Commonwealth. Politicians are elected to govern for us, not over us and bringing back our laws and Constitutional Guarantees will protect the rights of all Australians now and in the future”‘.


Michael O’Neill, Leader of the Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP), states, “CADCO is a

wonderful vehicle for minor parties to unite and to work together collectively. We have been listening to you to form a Cooperative (Coop) to take on the major parties and once again let the people have the opportunity to let their voice be heard”.


Glen O’Rourke, Leader of the Australian Federation Party (AFP), adds, “It has been a long time coming, where a growing number of parties have started to see the benefits of working together to represent not only their members and supporters but also a

combined, much larger cross-section of the Australian People. CADCO provides the independent framework for all non-major coalition parties, to come together to give Australians back their Government”.


The parties agreed that Rod Culleton is appointed as Chairman, along with Jason Miles, Senate Candidate, Queensland, as appointed Secretary. Executed MOU’s have been received by other parties for their perusal and consideration. Furthermore, MOU’s have been sent at the request of other parties for consideration to enter CADCO and fortnightly meetings programmed with party leaders and delegates.

Rod Culleton adopted grass-roots principles to invoke CADCO whereby each party retains its individual ‘pedigree’ and will continue upholding their individual commitment(s) through their policies to all Australians. CADCO does not fit the coalition model as adopted by the major parties. CADCO will strengthen its networking and walk alongside real Australians to reconstitute its Commonwealth Parliament pursuant to law.

CADCO leaders proudly enter this arrangement on behalf of its members and followers and see this as a perfect fit for the combined restoration of the Commonwealth to uphold all our rights and protections.

Rod Culleton, as CADCO Chairman, added, “the aim is to collaborate to represent Australians who are concerned about the totalitarian actions of the Liberal/National and Labor/Greens parties and their affiliates. CADCO’s goal is to reinstate democracy, basic human rights and restore freedom to its rightful place in Australian society”.






Aug 26

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

By Paul Zanetti Cartoonist

*IT KNOWS DISTANCE: At 1.5 meters from someone it drops to the ground but any closer and it will kill you.

*IT CAN COUNT: As long as there are no more than 5 in a room you are safe, any more than that, and it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS WHAT BUILDINGS IT IS IN: If you’re in a Stadium or Bunnings you’re ok, but if you are at a Restaurant or Aged Care it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS IF YOU ARE EATING: If you are eating you can take your mask off in a restaurant, but if you are not eating you better put your mask on because it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS IF YOU ARE STANDING OR SITTING IN A PUB/CLUB: If you are sitting and drinking you will be ok, but if you stand up and drink it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TALKING AND SINGING: If you talk you will be ok, but if you sing it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INSTRUMENTS: If you play drums you will be safe, but if you play a flute it will kill you.

* IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUBURBS AND LGAs: If you’re in the Eastern suburbs you’re fine to walk without a mask and head down to the beach, but if you’re in the Canterbury Bankstown LGA area, Malaka it will kill you.

* IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHURCH AND PROTESTS: If you protest you will be ok, but if you go to church it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS IF YOU ARE AN ESSENTIAL WORKER OR NOT: If you’re an Essential Worker you can go to work and be safe even though you deal with multiple different people everyday, but if you are not an Essential Worker, say an Office Worker and you work inside with the same people everyday, you’d better work from home or it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS IF YOU’RE 6KMS AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE: If you’re under 5kms from you’re house you’re fine, carry on and exercise, only for 1 hour, but if you’re 6kms from your house and 1 hour and 1 minute outside it will kill you.