From: director
Date: Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 9:17 AM
Subject: Australian Red Cross

Dear Alana

Thank you for speaking with me earlier.  As I understand from our conversation you were concerned about the following which I hope is a quick summary.

  1. That you are advocating for 8 people detained under the mental health act.  All are survivors of institutionalised sexual abuse.  You believe them to be illegally detained under a false premise.
  2. That the public guardian is part of a broader government corruption  that is seeking to take monies awarded to the survivors by virtue of them being detained.
  3. That those you are advocating for are being tortured with cattle prods.
  4. That you are now being targeted by government agencies for being a whistle-blower and that you are getting almost daily death threats, you are in danger of having your home taken from you by the courts and that you are being diagnosed with schizophrenia in order that control of you assets is taken.
  5. Most agencies are aware of you and your concerns and that you don’t feel safe going to them with regard to the above matters including crime and corruption watchdog and mental health commissioner.

As I mentioned I am not clear on the possible role for Red Cross given your reluctance to go to those agencies tasked with dealing against such corruption.  In order that I can best determine an appropriate course of action I would be grateful if you could send me via email details of the evidence that you have.  I may have to speak to other agencies in order to verify your claims just so that you are aware.  I can then determine what is appropriate for Red Cross thereafter.