Mark, Founder of Solutions Empowerment, began a new career in the “awareness, education and delivering solutions” industry in 1999 after realising that economies were crumbling fast around the world and impacting people’s financial disposition universally. Whole country populations of the middle class were being evaporated to leave a wake of impoverished people and financially devastated countries worldwide at the hands of large multinational corporations and their profits.

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1960, Mark saw firsthand the economic decline & demise of the Australian economy from its peak in or about the mid 1970’s, to the current shell of a former great producing and independent nation. It mattered not which political party was in power during the 1970’s and thereafter. The country slid in the 1970’s after the introduction and implementation of the Lima Agreement in 1975, from the number 1 standard of living country in 1960 to its current 14th position.

The wide range of attributes that contributed to a quick self realisation of skills necessary to resolve commercial, legal, and/or financial issues, included German parents therefore a typically disciplined German heritage. Mark’s university education (in the area of Agricultural Science) & solid research abilities, keen interests in genuine history and optimum health, international travel, competitive nature & spirit in the areas of sports, learning & negotiating, personal exposure to corruption in politics, universities, media, judiciary, police services and elsewhere have all been contributing life experiences that he has skillfully implemented into everyday situations.

Mark, having met so many dedicated, committed, proactive, skilled, organised peoples in all areas of endeavor early in his life and ongoing, has given him insights into real issues of WW1 & 2, what followed as a result of the war, and the subsequent first hand knowledge of the manipulation of information & history by the controlled “fake” media. Meeting and associating with some high net worth people and others that operated alongside mafia cartels early in life, gave rise to Mark having insights into how the world operates that few have the opportunity to see.

Since 1999 Mark, having a natural flair for mediating solutions between opposing parties, has committed almost all his energies into resolving problems and settling matters for individuals who came to him.

By reason of being perpetually overwhelmed by people in need of assistance in all areas of commercial endeavor since the beginning in 1999, working routinely 100+ hours a week without holiday breaks and reaching periods of exhaustion, fatigue and stress induced illness, Mark took action in early 2019 to organise the development of a website that could deliver to the world the depth & breadth of Mark’s resources, knowledge, skills, research & application of processes & techniques that gave rise to the array of successes achieved in Mark’s 21 year history in the field. This website has enabled the duplication and leverage of Mark’s skills, knowledge and experience to be used by ordinary folk around the world.

By reason, the processes and techniques dealing with commerce and commercial transactions taught and applied by Mark, are universal principles such as those applied within the jurisdiction of the rules of equity. People from all over the earth can learn & apply these principles by joining the website www.solutionsempowerment.com. As a member, learning to apply the principles taught will result in a much more successful negotiation of commerce giving rise to a far more prosperous, abundant, and stress-free private life.

Mark is on a mission to restore moral integrity to Australia and the world so all peoples can realize a life of abundance, peace, and prosperity within and between nations.

Mark spent 15 earlier years in the marketing and sales industry, working for himself before turning to the endeavors of problem solving, consulting, speaking, and writing.

Mark lives currently on the Queensland/New South Wales border and has a partner, Sonya, and 7 children between them, with only one 14-year-old living at home.