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“I suggest strongly that anyone interested should attend one of his weekend seminars or in the least, his evening information sessions”

Kim & Warren.

“ We used Bill of Exchange process on her $15000.00 credit card with the Commonwealth Bank. when Booooom !!! She got a letter saying ‘the account is now settled in Full!’ YEEEEEH HAAAAAAA !!! Thanks again,”


“I have discharged a parking fine that went to the debt collectors with a A4V and that was 1 year ago. Thankyou so much since the first seminar my life has improved greatly. See you when I come up to Queensland.”


“Mark is inspirational he will take the curtain away from your eyes and show you the truth. Marks teaching is life changing expect the unexpected but know the truth Becoz the truth is real!”

Pierre ( Maroubra , Sydney )