Hi Folks,

Our second Solutions Empowerment webinar for 2022 is scheduled for Wednesday 7pm (AEDT) Sydney/Melbourne time, 6pm Brisbane time, on the 2nd February 2022.

It’s not one we’ve done before and may be of interest to many of you who have been;

1.  unfairly treated at the hands of your landlord, or perhaps
2.  your lease expired and was not renewed as anticipated, or
3.  it was prematurely terminated without real genuine cause.

Have you ever faced the uncertainty of not knowing where you would move to, had no-where to go after receiving a Notice to Vacate?
Have you had knots in your stomach wondering where the money would come from to afford the expense of shifting house/home/unit?
Have you had your business disrupted, even for months, while you search regularly for new accommodation, spend valuable time and money investigating suitable accommodation, if any,
Then…  lived out of a suitcase for months, after moving, before finding the time to properly unpack, only to find your anticiapted and confirmed long term tenancy was cut short with a Notice to Vacate only after a 6 month lease agreement?

We have!

5 leases in a row! Do you know the effect on your business stability?
It’s “out the window”.
And for what frivolous reason by the landlord? We’ll share that on Wednesday.

Want to learn how to beat such unconscionable landlords?
See you Wednesday.

Want to learn how to secure a long term lease, as promised, or obtain an award for breach of agreement and be compensated for denial of long term lease and the inconvenience of moving house?
Haha, see you Wednesday

This webinar is for you, even if you’re not a tenant. The same contractual & equitable underlying principles apply, that enable you to obtain a favorable outcome in dealing with a tenancy dispute, as in any other kind of dispute or controversy.

Want to know how we achieved 5 successive tribunal wins against two narcisistic landlords / control freaks who don’t take no for an answer?

Attend the webinar on Wednesday night 2nd of February 2022, and take good notes. You will see the underlying principles are those that enable wins in most, if not all, areas of controversy. Become Empowered!

To join the webinar, make sure you’ve already logged in to your Solutions Empowerment account, then
(1) Click WEBINARS on the menu bar
(2) Click onto the forum post dated 2nd February 2022
(3) Then you’ll find the private ZOOM link to click onto

Kindest Regards
Mark & team
Solutions Empowerment