Hi Folks,

Over the previous year Australians have witnessed a broad range and degrees of restrictions on their liberties, freedoms and rights, impositions caused by our State and Federal Government Ministers, the very people elected to look after and protect us!

It appears the restrictions and accompanying tyrannical enforcement of same, have temporarily eased, we say temporarily by reason, make no mistake, the restrictions upon all our freedoms, liberties and rights will be again imposed very shortly as we head into Autumn.

Interestingly, the fear of SARS-CoV 19 being a threat to the very existence of humanity has – with the accompanying media mass hysteria, has suddenly dematerialised as new subject matters arise to be promoted to the general public in order to continue the constant fear mongering so that fear is imputed into as many unaware and “asleep” people as possible so draconian legislation can be drafted and passed into “law” with little or no public awareness or resistance.

Many folk have approached us asking what can be done to mitigate or at least slow down the path to national and universal tyranny?

It’s the subject matter of our next zoom webinar on Wednesday 23 March 2022 at 7pm Sydney/Melbourne time and 6pm Brisbane time.

“Strategies & Action Plan to Turn Around the Lockdown Tyranny (Incl. Sharing a Claimed Success In One Country)”.

Even if on appearance, lockdown restrictions have eased temporarily, rest assured they’ll be back with a vengeance & hence, now’s the time to meet to prepare for & meet the next threat of lockdown restrictions head on!

We’ll share some, far from complete, strategies & action plans to cause spanners in the globalist cabal’s plans to enslave humanity & commit genocide! All it takes to slow down or even stop their agenda is enough good people working together in opposition to them.

If it’s a subject matter that’s dear to your heart, and others that you know, your freedom, liberty and right to do as you please, as well as your offspring, as long as no-one else is harmed, then we strongly recommend you attend the next Solutions Empowerment presentation on Wednesday 23 March 2022. Help create and spread awareness by recommending to others to come on board with the Solutions Empowerment, to actively learn and apply the strategies and processes we teach.

What could be more important than defending and exercising our freedoms, liberties and rights, other than life itself, and even regarding life, is it worth living the life of a slave where at any moment your life may be snuffed out by the elitist cabal?

We all, as a team, can make “the” difference. See you on the webinar.

Also, don’t forget the one hour Q & A session at 8.15pm! Bring your questions and we’ll endeavour to get through as many of them as possible.

To join the webinar, make sure you’ve already logged in to your Solutions Empowerment account, then
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(2) Click onto the forum post dated 23rd March 2022
(3) Then you’ll find the private ZOOM link to click onto (posted on the day of the webinar)

Please note: All webinars are recorded and posted on the website under the Webinars tab for later viewing.

Kindest Regards
Mark & team
Solutions Empowerment