Hi Folks,

Here is our next Zoom webinar for this coming Wednesday, 16 February 2022 at 7pm NSW/Victoria time – 6pm Queensland time.

The subject of this Module is “How to Win Over & settle with Any Adversary at a Meeting by Applying Appropriate ‘Set Up’ Questions”

This is one of the most powerful Modules in our stable. To learn & competently & correctly apply the knowledge given in this Module;

1. Dramatically increases your probabilities of a successful outcome, even close to 100%, and

2. Is an inexpensive & prompt way to settle any outstanding issue, given the respondent is willing to meet with you, and

3. Teaches you powerful techniques & skills that enable you to settle almost any matter in your favour

Become the “negotiator” & “mediator” in all your commercial affairs & dealings, & become a superwo/man by reason of taking charge, controlling the conversation & direction of a meeting. Settling a matter in your favour that your adversary – respondent had presumed was a given outcome in their favour.

What’s better than going to a football game or cricket match? The adrenaline rush of outmaneuvering your opponent & winning against them!

If you’d like to become a powerful mediator & settlor of outstanding matters by learning the technique of applying “set up” questions that, whether or not answered, incriminate the respondent, then this is the webinar for you.

To join the webinar, make sure you’ve already logged in to your Solutions Empowerment account, then
(1) Click WEBINARS on the menu bar
(2) Click onto the forum post dated 16th February 2022
(3) Then you’ll find the private ZOOM link to click onto

Please note: All webinars are recorded and posted on the website under the Webinars tab for later viewing.

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